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Raccoonzie Grade A Tail Can Cooler

Raccoonzie Grade A Tail Can Cooler

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This listing is for one Raccoon can cooler with grade A tail. Grade A tails are longer and fluffier compared to grade B. Handmade in Michigan, with real raccoon fur and tail, these fur can coolers will keep you stylish, your drink cold, and your hand warm! They will fit cans and bottles, and are lined with a standard neoprene cozy coozie to keep your drink secure. You will receive one raccoon can cooler similar to the those pictured, some natural variation is possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Bosold
Perfect gift & a great conversation piece

Good quality, price, and arrived quickly! I need to save some premium furs from our Illinois hunts and have Darling make some custom gear.

Kelli Gusumano
Raccon koozie and beaver koozie in Montana

Your koozies are so beautiful!!!
Your work is amazing and very well made!!
Absolutely love them!! And love to support friends back in Michigan!!
Spreading the word to all my friends here in Montana!!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful christmas gifts!!

Li Kirkwood

Raccoonzie Grade A Tail


Came across her video on Facebook.. immediately had to get it for my dad who is a taxidermist. He absolutely loved it and thinks it’s the best thing ever. It’s super soft and great quality with stitching and what not!


Perfect gift for my weirdo friend! Really great quality