Fur Sewing Patterns

Fur sewing patterns, templates and video tutorials.

Meet the Maker

Rebecca Darling

Furrier and owner of Darling Leather and Fur

I love sewing beautiful and practical things with wild fur, in my home studio in Southeast Michigan.

Techsew 202

My industrial fur sewing machine is a big part of my sewing team! This machine is made just for sewing fur,  and is different than traditional sewing machines because the needle moves back and forth towards the user instead of up and down!

Juki LU 563

My Juki is an industrial leather sewing machine, it has a walking foot with needle feed which is needed for sewing materials with a lot of 'drag' like leather. I use this machine for leather sewing, and for other thick materials.

Babylock Katherine

My Babylock is a very nice home-grade sewing machine. I use it for all of my general fabric sewing, like linings.

Making a Muskrat Blanket Start to Finish