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Do you make items with customer’s own fur?

Yes! Most of my business is custom work, I love to make custom fur hats, mittens, accessories and blankets with customer’s own fur! With the utmost of care and attention to detail, I personally work with you to take down the details of your order, I make each item, and I ship the item back to you when it is finished.  Visit the Custom Order Info page for order forms and more information.

Rebecca Darling

Do you have any ready made items or hats and mittens for sale?

 You can visit the Shop page to view items I have for sale. I have PDF patterns,  ear muffs, pom hats, and can coolers for sale, and occasionally fur hats and mittens.

What is the expected turnaround?

My turnaround on new custom orders is about one year. This is subject to change, contact me for an up to date turnaround estimate.  

How do I place an order?

Ready made items like PDF Patterns, fur can coolers, ear muffs, and pom hats, can be purchased on the Shop page.
For custom work, check out the Custom Order Info page, and contact me to discuss the details of your order, then you can place a deposit and send in your fur.

How and when do I pay?

For custom orders I accept cash, personal checks, or credit card payments. To pay by credit card I can email an invoice. A deposit of half is required when sending your fur,  and reserves your place on my books. If you wish, you may place a deposit to reserve a spot before your pelts are tanned. I do not reserve spots without a deposit.

Do you accept dried or frozen pelts?

No, pelts must be professionally garment tanned before sending them to me. I recommend  Moyle Mink & Tannery's "intact fur dressing" for garment tanning fur. For plucked/sheared beaver pelts, I recommend Tubari Ltd Tannery, they are currently the only tannery in the USA that offers plucking and shearing.  Tanned pelts must be in good condition, with minimal holes/blemishes. If I receive pelts that require excessive repair you will be charged for extra time. If pelts are over fleshed they may be unusable.  If pelts are unusable you will pay for return shipping and handling.

Beaver Tails- Prados Trading Post for tanning

*I make an exception for local customers. If you can drop off your pelts in person, I will accept properly prepared trapper dried or salted pelts which will be sent out for tanning for an extra fee. I offer skinning services on select species.  Contact me for pricing.

Do you accept home tanned furs?

No, furs must be professionally garment tanned. Garment tanning may also be called intact fur dressing, or soft tanned fur.

Beaver Tail Tanning

I do not do any tanning.

Beaver tails need to be professionally tanned before sending them to me. Beaver Tails require a different tanning process than furs.

The tannery I used to use for tails closed a couple years ago. These are the current places I know of tanning tails - I have not used them yet so I can't speak to the quality:

-Furever Soft Tannery in PA

- Prados Trading Post in IA

-Randy & Sandi Shuff in ID

Contact them for instructions on how to prepare and ship the tails. It usually takes two tail halves to make one wallet.

How many pelts are needed for my order?

View the chart at the bottom of this page for guidelines, or download the Oder Form PDF . If you have questions please contact me.

How do you determine size?

For hats, measure around your head at eyebrow level with a soft measuring tape or string. Measure more than once, have a buddy help if possible for the most accurate measurement. Also tell me if you prefer a regular fit, or loose fit. For mittens, trace your hand (fingers together, thumb out) and mail me the tracing with your furs. Also tell me if you prefer a regular, or loose fit. See Custom Order Info page for more information.

What do you use for lining materials?

For hats I use 100% merino wool, underlined with 100% boiled wool. Merino wool is very soft, odor resistant, and moisture wicking. It is the best performance fabric available.  The boiled wool underlining provides extra cushion and warmth, while still having the benefits of wool. 

For short wool-cuff mittens I use 100% cashmere underlined with 100% boiled wool. Cashmere is extremely soft and warm. The boiled wool underlining provides extra warmth and cushion. 

For gauntlet mittens I use a blanket weight 100% wool. It is very thick and durable to stand up to harsh temps and hard use. The optional snap-out lining allows for the lining to be removed for easy drying, or hand washing as needed.

For blankets I use a wool blanket backing, with wool batting in between the layers if desired.

What happens to scrap fur from custom orders?

Any of your fur scraps will be returned to you, if you want them back. You will also have the option of having the scraps made into extras, like coozies, ear muffs, and pom poms. Once I have the pieces of your main order cut out, I will contact you if there is enough left over for extras.

What type of warranty do you provide?

If something breaks or fails,  I will repair the item for no charge, within 5 years of the time it was made. Simply contact me,  and ship me the item. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the item to me, I will ship it back at no cost.

Do you ship internationally?

No, due to strict regulations (and expensive permitting) I can only ship within the United States, and I can not accept internationally shipped fur.

Do you remodel vintage furs and fur coats?

No, I do not work with vintage furs. I am happy to refer you to someone who does.

Pelts Needed Per Item

Number of pelts needed based on NAFA size LARGE pelts. Contact me if you have questions.

Download Order Form PDF