Why I Chose the Techsew 202 Fur Sewing Machine

For starters, while the Kenmore works great with your traditional cloth, it was not a sewing machine built to take on fur. Traditional sewing machines have a needle system that moves the needle up and down. They are simply just not built to take on the thickness of fur or the toughness of leather and hide like sewing machines specifically designed for fur. 

I knew I wanted to get a new machine to ensure it would come in working order and I would have support from the manufacturer. So I started digging into fur sewing machines and landed on Techsew’s website. When I called and talked to the owner, they recommended the 202 model, so that is what I ordered.

Don’t get me wrong; vintage fur machines are a great choice if you can buy a restored machine or have the skills to restore it yourself. My expertise lies with sewing, NOT sewing machine maintenance, so I trusted the experts and went new.

Luckily, it’s been a great machine and helped keep my business steadily growing since 2018! A year later, I added a compound feed walking foot sewing machine specifically for sewing leather, but that’s a story for another time. 

Back to the Techsew 202 sewing machine and why I use it. The basic specs are a wonderful asset for what I use the machine for on an almost daily basis: 

  • The needle system goes front to back
  • The material is fed sideways through the machine instead of front-to-back (making it easy to tuck in all the flyaway fur)
  • The thread goes over the edge of the material in a chain stitch instead of a lock stitch
  • Fur is sewn with little to no seam allowance, which is dang near impossible to accomplish with a traditional sewing machine. 

Ultimately, I’m happy with my decision to go with the Techsew 202 for my fur sewing. I use it primarily on my hats, mittens, and blankets. Since it is specifically designed to sew fur and garments, it can be used for coats, vests, and more. I truly love its versatility for what I work with every day. 

If you are in the sewing world and work more with shoes, boots, and rugs, you might check out the sister machines, the 402 and the 602, but I don’t have any experience with either. My Techsew 202 has helped me create pieces with fur from muskrat to bison, and it keeps on working!

Of course, with every sewing machine, there is a learning curve with the machine itself and the material needed to truly create the magic. Let’s talk needle and thread, shall we?  Click link below to read the next blog article

Threading the Needle for

Various Works of Art

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