Full Fur Bomber Hat PDF Pattern & Video Tutorial

Full Fur Bomber Hat PDF Pattern & Video Tutorial

Just like the Fur Gauntlet Mitten PDF Pattern, the Bomber Hat PDF Pattern also includes a step by step video tutorial on how to sew your own fur product. The bomber hat video tutorial includes 4 hours of detailed instruction, no previous experience is needed! In the video, I will teach you everything you need to know. I include instructions for hand sewing and fur machine sewing, so you can learn to sew your own hat no matter what equipment you have! 

I know you’re dying to know what’s included, so here we go!

Breakdown of What You Get When You Purchase

  • Detailed instructions on printing your pattern
    • Including a 1” and 4cm scale to measure and ensure correct sizing!
  • A full list of supplies I use 
    • Including hand and fur machine sewing
    • Required and optional supplies 
    • AND where to get them!
    • What size needle and thread to use 
  • BONUS- I worked with a wonderful company, SHOUT OUT to Samuel Bauer Unlimited, and we put together supply kits for easy shopping! And yes, I include them in my pattern tutorials! 
  • There is a link to the video tutorial so you can watch me work and follow along as I explain the process - Each step is bookmarked in the video so you can jump to/find the step you need.
  • A readable guide with step-by-step moves to read with matching timestamps to the video.
    • Printing and size testing
    • Pattern assembly
    • Suggested pattern layout for 
      • Beaver
      • Coyote
      • Raccoon
      • Fox
      • Otter
    • Hide prep/repairs
    • Brushing and Blocking pelts
    • Lining cutting & sewing
    • Tracing & cutting your pattern pieces
    • Sewing the pattern pieces
    • Closing your lining
    • Options - sewn-on forehead flap or snap forehead flap, long leather lace ties, or snap strap ties
    • Brush and wet set your finished piece! 
  • I’ve included a glossary of terms in case you are super new and unsure of the lingo
  • Of course, the PDF pattern pieces themselves that include
    • 3 Child and 3 Adult sizes
      • Adults Lg 24.5-25.5”
      • Adults Med 23-24”
      • Adult Sm 21.5-22.5”
      • Child Lg 20-21”
      • Child Med 18.5-19.5”
      • Child Sm 17-18”
    • Color-coded sizing for easy, consistent cutting

The pattern and video tutorial can be purchased here: Full Fur Bomber Hat PDF Pattern & Video Tutorial

If you are unsure of what a PDF Pattern is like, or how to print, you can read about PDF Patterns here 

And if that still isn’t enough, I always include ways to contact me! Check out my Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or website! 

You can email me at info@darlingleatherandfur.com and even join my Darling Leather And Fur Pattern Chat Group on Facebook.
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