Why I use the PDF Delivery Method for my Patterns

Why I use the PDF Delivery Method for my Patterns


When I first got back into sewing I was sewing maternity and baby clothes and I discovered and used many PDF patterns. I loved how accessible they were. PDF patterns proved very convenient and easy to use because I could print them at home instead of driving to the store to search for and purchase patterns in person.  As a busy mother of young children, this allowed me to maximize what free time I had for actual sewing. Want more backstory? Check out my blog post, How I Started Sewing Fur

Once I had established Darling Leather And Fur, I knew I wanted to share the knowledge I had such a hard time finding. Creating patterns was one way to start sharing and I remembered how much I loved the convenience of using PDF patterns, so I decided to share my knowledge with my customers that way!

What is a PDF Pattern?

Technically, it is a “portable document format,” but in much simpler terms, it is an electronic version of the pattern you would buy at the store. Think big, folded up, VERY thin paper material that can easily be ripped or torn and has very brief vague sewing instructions.  

I don’t mean to knock the old-fashioned paper patterns, but let’s face it; it’s 2024 and a lot of us are used to doing our shopping and research from the comfort of our own homes. Why waste time driving and searching in person when you can purchase, download, and print right at home! 

Think of a PDF pattern as a digital template the same as that old paper pattern, just cut into 8 x 11.5 sheets and scanned into your computer. Now, you only need to know how to use a PDF pattern…  

Already know how to use a PDF Pattern? Check out the ones I offer on my homepage! You can learn how to sew your own fur mittens. Or you can check out my newest available Bomber Fur Hat PDF pattern.  

How Do You Use a PDF Pattern?

What a great question! It's pretty straightforward: purchase, download, print, cut, and start sewing! 

The best part about using a PDF pattern is that it is stored on your PC and you can print as many copies as you need! Especially if you want to learn how to make fur mittens, can coolers, bomber hats, and more! 

You can print on standard printer paper or transfer the cutout patterns onto cardstock for a slightly thicker material when tracing and cutting. Then, cut out the desired size (color-coded for you!) and lay them out on your prepared fur.  

How to Print from a PDF Pattern

Let’s back up a little. Before you can USE the PDF patterns, you’ve got to get them printed correctly. I’d never leave you hanging! I’ve got step-by-step instructions on each of my tutorials for this as well, so without giving too much away, I will give you these tips. 

Tip 1

Once you get my email with the PDF link, download the file, open it, and print from the download using a program like Adobe Acrobat. Don’t print from the view screen on your internet browser. Sometimes, even if you can set the printing parameters correctly, the scale will still print wrong! (I’ve had this problem specifically on Chrome.)

Tip 2

Print from a PC if possible. Using your phone or tablet tends to skew the imaging and settings. 

Tip 3

Follow the printing instructions in the download. *Print one page first to confirm the 1” or 4cm scale square is correct before wasting paper and ink.

Tip 4

Don’t have a printer at home? I have you covered there as well! I now offer printed pattern tutorials! The pattern is printed on 8 1/2" x 11" printer paper and mailed to you; assembly IS required. Keep this as a “master copy” and trace the size you need. 

Psst. Check out my bomber hat printed pattern option here.

Of course, you can always print at your local copy store, library, or college computer room. Just bring a ruler with you to check the scale after printing (see tip 3) instead of waiting until you get home. Keep this as a “master copy” and trace the size you need, or print a copy for each size! 

Sneak Peek at What is Included in My PDF Patterns:

I know, I know. You want to know what you’re buying before you buy it, right? Well, I can give you a little sneak peek, but if you want all the nitty gritty details (and step-by-step instructions!), you’ll just have to check out the patterns I offer and consider buying one! 

All of my patterns will have a PDF file to download the pattern pieces AND instructions for printing to scale so you don’t waste paper. Check out my can cooler pattern or my unique Octagon & Diamond Beaver Blanket DIY pattern.

There are also PDF patterns where you can learn to sew your own fur mittens or full fur bomber hat. These purchases not only include the PDF pattern printout but also  instructions and a VIDEO TUTORIAL. You get fully detailed instructions on how to hand sew OR sew with a fur sewing machine. 

Regardless of the option you choose, you can rest assured knowing they will guide you through pattern notches to match while sewing AND seam allowance labeling for each piece. 

Finally, if that isn’t enough, you will get some trade secrets, tips, and tricks to get a quality finished product. Then you, too, can be a DIY fur maker, whether it’s mittens, hats, blankets or can coolers! 

My two newest PDF Pattern Options are the Fur Gauntlet Mittens and the Full Fur Bomber Hat

Want the details? Keep reading!

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